Everything you need to know about pressure washers

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Pressure washer reviews

If you’re new to pressure washers and you’re not sure what to buy, read our general guide on the best pressure washers. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, choose a category below to see product recommendations, advice and more.

1,000-2,700 PSI
Ryobi RY142300 electric pressure washer


Electric pressure washers are best for people who want convenience. They don’t have as much cleaning power, but they usually do just fine around the house.

2,100-4,200 PSI
Simpson MSH3125-S gas pressure washer


Gas pressure washers are best for people who want power. They cost more, but they can clean anything and they usually last longer (with good maintenance).

1,000-7,000 PSI
DeWalt DXPW60605 gas pressure washer


Commercial pressure washers are made for professionals, but they’re good for anyone who demands the best of the best. Naturally, they cost the most.

Pressure washer tutorials

If you’re never used a pressure washer before and you’re not sure where to start, read our general guide on how to use a pressure washer. If you already have experience using them, choose a project below to see instructions, required materials and more.

7 steps
Stone driveway cleaned with a pressure washer


Pressure washing a driveway is pretty simple. You’ll want higher pressure for asphalt and concrete, but for brick, you don’t need as much.

10 steps
Wood deck cleaned with a pressure washer


Pressure washing a deck is a longer process because wood is cleaned in several stages. For composite, it depends on the manufacturer.

9 steps
Car cleaned with a pressure washer


Pressure washing a car is totally safe, contrary to popular belief. You’ll need to do it carefully, but with the right methods, it’s quick and easy.

Pressure washer FAQs

The most common questions about pressure washers are answered below. For more specific questions, we usually have relevant answers at the bottom of each of our posts. You can also reach out to us at any time for more personalized advice.

How does a pressure washer work?

Pressure washers aren’t complicated. There’s a power source (either a gas engine or an electric motor) and a high pressure water pump. The pump draws water in, pressurizes it, and releases it (by pulling the trigger on a spray gun, which is connected to the pump using a high pressure hose).

Karcher has a cool visual animation that shows the process in action.

How much does a pressure washer cost?

Pressure washers start around $100, but they can easily cost thousands depending on what features you’re looking for. If you’re a homeowner, expect to pay $100-500. If you’re a business owner, expect to pay $500 and above.

How do you fix a pressure washer?

Unsurprisingly, this depends on the issue and the cause of that issue. For example, if your gas pressure washer won’t start, it could be a bad ignition coil, or you could just be out of gas (whoops). Try to figure out the source of your problem and go from there.

Read our troubleshooting guide for more on common issues.