Pressure Washer Brands

We all lean towards certain brands when shopping for new tools, but many pressure washer brands aren’t household names. We’ll show you who to trust and help you choose the right company based on what you’re looking for.

Selection of pressure washers at Home Depot

Trusted pressure washer brands

There are dozens of brands offering pressure washers. Some have great products, while others are just sourcing cheap stuff overseas so they can turn a profit. All things considered, these are the brands we trust the most based on product quality, customer service and our own experiences.

Karcher brand logo


Karcher invented the pressure washer in 1950. Naturally, they are and have always been the largest pressure washer brand in the world. Their family-owned company has become a multibillion-dollar corporation thanks to their complete selection of high-pressure cleaning products.

Ryobi brand logo


Ryobi started making power tools in 1968, but they didn’t offer pressure washers until sometime after. That’s no matter, they’re now the highest-reviewed pressure washer brand in the industry, and their popularity continues to rise thanks to their exclusive relationship with Home Depot.

Simpson brand logo


Simpson is a born and bred American company from the midwest. Unlike other brands, they only sell pressure washers, designing and manufacturing everything in-house. Their production is so good that other companies, like DeWalt, come to them for white-labeled products and parts.

Greenworks brand logo


If the name isn’t obvious, Greenworks specializes in electric power equipment. Their electric pressure washers promise the same performance as gas models with more affordability, and customers back that claim. Like Ryobi, they have seen notable growth through an exclusive relationship with Lowe’s.

Sun Joe brand logo

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a young company, with their first pressure washer released in just 2012. Despite their age, several of their models are now better sellers than brands who have been in the industry for 30+ years. Numbers don’t lie, they’ve hit an in-demand sweet spot of performance for the money.

DeWalt brand logo


Everyone knows DeWalt, but you might not know they don’t make all of their own equipment. For example, their pressure washers are made by Simpson. This speaks volumes about both companies. When you have a trusted brand and trusted manufacturer working together, it’s a win-win.

Generac brand logo


You may already know Generac because they’re number one in the generator market. Turns out, their engineering experience was also useful developing pressure washers. The brand’s reputation made their gas products quickly successful back in 2011, and they’ve remained a solid choice ever since.

Craftsman brand logo


Founded by Sears in 1927 and sold to Stanley Black & Decker in 2017, Craftsman is synonymous with tools. Pressure washers don’t play a big role in the brand’s overall success, but their small selection is known for the same reliability as the rest of their equipment.

Briggs & Stratton brand logo

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is the largest small engine manufacturer for outdoor power equipment. They supply engines to other brands and also make their own equipment, including pressure washers. Their products use almost entirely in-house parts, making their quality control notable.

The best pressure washers from each brand

Now that you’re familiar with the best brands, use the product carousel below to compare some of their most popular products. If this is your first time buying a pressure washer, learn what to look for in our article, The Best Pressure Washer.

Best Karcher
Karcher K5 Premium FCP electric pressure washer

Karcher K5 Premium FCP

The Karcher K5 Premium FCP is the most innovative pressure washer currently available. It has a sharp, modern design with a reliable water-cooled induction motor, and most interesting of all, an LCD display that allows you to adjust and monitor pressure (which is a first in the residential category). If you don’t mind a higher price tag, the K5 is cool and capable.

Best Ryobi
Ryobi RY142300 electric pressure washer

Ryobi RY142300

The Ryobi RY142300 is perfect for any homeowner. In fact, we like it so much that we named it the best electric pressure washer. With 2,300 PSI at 1.2 GPM, it’s the brand’s most powerful electric model, and it comes with a number of parts and features that make it easy to use, including a long power cord, turbo nozzle and extra-large detergent tank.

Best Simpson
Simpson MSH3125-S gas pressure washer

Simpson MSH3125-S

The Simpson MSH3125-S is the highest-quality product you can get in the residential category, which is why we named it the best gas pressure washer. It has a best-in-class Honda GC190 engine with an OEM axial cam pump, along with all premium accessories. On top of that, it even has a low price thanks to the brand’s impressive vertical integration.

Best Greenworks
Greenworks GPW2700 electric pressure washer

Greenworks GPW2700

The Greenworks GPW2700 was just released in 2020 and received quick attention for its performance of 2,700 PSI and 2.3 GPM. While the numbers can be a little misleading (it has two cleaning modes, one for max pressure and one for max volume), it still has above-average power for a non-commercial product plus a 10-year motor warranty.

Best Sun Joe
Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best-selling pressure washer on the market. You can find it at nearly every retailer, usually backed by thousands of positive reviews, and it got this way for one main reason: value. With on-par cleaning power, a variety of useful accessories and a price under $200, there’s not much more to want.

Best DeWalt
DeWalt DXPW60605 gas pressure washer

DeWalt DXPW60605

The DeWalt DXPW60605 is designed for professionals who demand the best of the best. It’s reliable for daily use, with an industry-favorite Honda GX390 engine and AAA triplex plunger pump, and all features are premium. It comes at a hefty price over $1,000, but with proper maintenance, it can be trusted to last for decades of work.

The best pressure washer brand

Each of the above brands can be trusted. No matter who you buy from, the experience should be good. With that said, if you wanted to narrow your choices down further, we think the best pressure washer brand is either Simpson or Ryobi, depending on your preferences.

Simpson is hands-down the most experienced brand in the industry. They specialize in pressure washers, whereas other brands sell them as just one part of their catalog. More than that, their parent company, FNA Group, owns several related parts brands. This vertical integration gives them complete control over their process; every component is designed to work together, production quality is guaranteed and costs are kept low. Their products are also made right here in the United States.

Ryobi may not specialize in pressure washers, but they have amassed the largest number of reviews of any brand, with the highest average review rating. Unsurprisingly, Traqline, a market research company, recently named them the top pressure washer brand based on annual sales. Their products are made in China (although Ryobi owns the facility), and while their collection is smaller, they focus more on electric models, which has become the more popular choice for homeowners.